Hiking New Zeealand, Blue Lakes Tasman Valley, Mount Cook National Park

Resolutions 2018: Habit building & Hiking

Can we still make New Year’s resolutions? I am sure we can. Maybe even better to do it now, because I bet that by the start of February it’s likely to have experienced failure in some kind of way. It’s tempting to let go of our good intentions after a few mistakes, but instead of abandoning our resolutions, let’s reconsider them.

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Trail Sisters

Best nine hikes of 2017

Happy New Year! Time to reflect on the year that passed.

Bittersweet memories.

Sweet. The travels to Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand. Seeing my trailsisters again, wild camping with A. under the stars, drinking coffee together wherever we are.

Bitter. Missing New Zealand. Being harsh on myself on the choices I make. Doubting, ruminating.

Not surprising that both my brother and boyfriend gave me the same book for Christmas: the Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. I should learn to give less f*cks. Because there is nothing real bitter in my life.

Memories though, can be bittersweet.

Before getting all too sentimental here, let’s go back to the highlights of the year: my best moments, pictures, and hikes.

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