starting Te Araroa - 90 mile beach

The Beach & The Forests: A tough beginning of the Te Araroa

There are two types of hikers: beach trampers and forest trampers. Right from the start, the first sections of the Te Araroa – a 3000-kilometres-long trail in New Zealand – will determine in which camp you belong.

Without doubt, I’m a beach tramper (kiwi for “hiker”). This means that I’d rather walk the first 100 kilometres along the beach a second time than ever doing the brutal forests once again. Forest trampers and I totally disagree on this subject as they were totally wrecked by the beach.

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Hiking Holland's Coast Path part 1

Section hiking Holland’s Coast Path: Part 1 – Westland & The Hague

Back in the days, when A. and I were just dating, we decided to go for a hike along the beach. I remember A. being a bit hesitant about hiking in the Netherlands, but being in love, he agreed to go anyways. He loved it. “Wow, I didn’t expect this” I remember him saying, “this is so beautiful”.

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