The hiking virus

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If I tell my colleagues that I got my nice tanned skin from bathing in a natural hot spring in Iceland after having walked through rain, snow, and rivers, they look a bit lost, not knowing what to say about my idea of having a proper summer vacation. I even surprised myself this summer, as I’d never expected that I could enjoy a 20km walk in almost continuous rain. I did not only perceive it as a good preparation for heavier adventures in the future, but I actually still enjoyed the hiking.

After our trip, I had muscle aches throughout my body. For a “normal” person, this would probably be a sign of never doing this again and having a beach holiday next year. For me, the muscle aches tell me that I have to exercise more to be better prepared next time. Of course, there was a moment – as in every hiking trip I make – that I thought: “What on earth am I doing here? I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m dirty, and I have to eat shitty food and sleep in a tent”. I started thinking of our weekend in Paris this year, where we stayed in a nice hotel and had dinner in all those amazing restaurants… Luckily enough, these moments never last long and now I’m back home again, I can only think of going again.

Am I infected by the hiking virus? Definitely. Are you?

Let’s do the checklist. Yes=1 point, no=0 points. You can get a final score between 0 (not infected at all) to 10 (join me, we’re lost causes).

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