Dream big, start small: ideas for 10 small-scale adventures – part I

It’s tempting, dreaming about big adventures. But hey, life is happening here and now, and not only when the time and money  is there to finally go on a “life-changing trip”. So let’s put some money aside for the big stuff, but let’s introduce smaller-scale adventures that can change our daily lives. I will share my ideas for some great, but short and inexpensive trips with you and I hope you will do the same in the comment section!

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Big Dreams

I’m dreaming of mountains, thru hiking, adventuring…

Dreams. We all have them. Although we don’t always dare to tell them out loud or dare to make them happen, from time to time our mind will take us to this secret place of magical ideas.

I can’t help myself. The Andes, Himalaya, Alps…

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