My first winterhike: Good beer, crazy Belgians, and a boyfriend to keep me warm in the snow

Winter turns me into a couch potato. You’ll find me on the sofa with lots of blankets, surrounded by candles and chocolates, watching Love Actually. Preferably together with my boyfriend Aaron, but unfortunately he can’t appreciate the predictability of those happy love stories as much as I do. So he suggested that we should hike instead. Yes, shocking, isn’t it? I almost choked in my chocolate when I heard it. Hiking when it’s cold. In the snow!!

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For hikers ánd scientists: What to do in Reykjavik if you’re stuck in it?

“Hikers and scientists?” you may think. “Why?” Well, it has something to do with their reasons for travelling to Reykjavik. Hikers, obviously, will go to Iceland for …. (and here it comes) … hiking. So scientists, guess what?!,  Continue reading

My first solo hike

How would it be to go on a solo-hike? This thought haunted me for months. It was tempting, the idea of doing this on my own, being strong and independent. It felt like a real adventure and a way of proving myself (or others, who knows ;)) that I could do such a thing… but above all, there was this irresistible temptation of being away in the mountains….

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