Big Dreams

I’m dreaming of mountains, thru hiking, adventuring…

Dreams. We all have them. Although we don’t always dare to tell them out loud or dare to make them happen, from time to time our mind will take us to this secret place of magical ideas.

I can’t help myself. The Andes, Himalaya, Alps…

They say that you have to follow your dreams, make your dreams come true. Well, easier said than done.

…hundreds, thousands of kilometres of trail… one step after the other…

Maybe we should first start with dreaming big and share those dreams. What are the adventures that you long for?

…being in nature, pushing myself, maybe even doing it solo….

After that, we could think of how to realise those dreams. That’s a scary thing to do, I can tell you. I’m working on the “making it real” now, but it’s too soon, to daunting for me, to share my concrete ideas and plans.

What I can tell you, is that I dream of a big adventure. The challenge of a long hike, a thru hike… If I dream big, these are the kind of trips that blow me away:

  • A classic American thru-hike, like the Pacific Crest Trail

If you’ve never heard of it, just google it. Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Deivde Trail. Even their names sound magical to me. Experiencing American Wilderniss (and not because of Wild!) and American Trail Life: What else can an European hiker dream of? 😉


  • Great Himalaya Trail

For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a book* about the Great Himalaya Trail. He knows me well and is well aware of my dreams. Walking in the Himalaya, I can only imagine, must be overwhelming. Its undescribably beauty: not only of its mountains, but also of its people.

The Great Himalaya Trail is totally different from the American thru-hikes: less known, not sign-posted and way more remote. Oh and not to forget: it takes you over the highest mountain region of the world!


*For Dutch-speaking readers: “Lopen over de Grens – Great Himalaya Trail door Nepal”, Katja Staartjes. They walked the Upper GHT (there’s also a lower route, called ‘the cultural route’).

  • Crossing a(n) (European) country from end to endJohn o groat to lands end

Is there a better way to see, visit, learn, feel a country? Some people say that you have to live in a country to really get to know it. Maybe that’s true for meeting people in a more “authentic” way (whatever that overly used word means ;-)) but it will probably not bring you to so many places as by thru-hiking it. Of course, by car or any other transportation, you could visit more places. But – as I tried to explain some family members – seeing more places is in some way also seeing less. 

So I’m all into slow travelling: step by step seeing an entire country. I’m fond of the UK, in particalur Scotland; so for me, walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats would be a wonderful adventure.

So what about you? What are your dreams? I’m very curious and I hope you will share them!

Sweet travel dreams,



3 thoughts on “Big Dreams

  1. Allysse Riordan says:

    Last year I walked around 100 kilometres along one of the Camino de Santiago. I’d love to just close my front door in London and walk the whole thing through France and Spain.

    I would also love to travel on foot through France for an undefinite period of time and talking to people. The aim would be for me to get to know my birth country again, forgetting my past experiences and pre-conceptions, and hopefully get reconcilied with France.

    But for now I’m focusing on the dream that’s coming true in a few weeks: cycle touring for three months in Portugal (and a little bit of Spain).

    Best of luck with your dreams 🙂 I hope some of them will come true, if not all.


  2. Liz says:

    Wow, that sounds all very amazing: walking the camino, travel through France, and cycle in Portugal!! Hope you can make it happen! Keep dreaming and lots of adventure wishes to you!


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