Our travel memories of 2015

Happy new year to everyone! It’s time to look back at 2015: what did the past year look like travel-wise?

Paris, France


We started our travel year rightaway at the first of January last year. To celebrate our 3-years-anniversay, we set out to the City of Lights: obviously not for hiking, but to enjoy a romantic weekend together. Walking through the streets of Montmartre – the district where all the artists gather, crossing the bridges over the Seine, doing touristic things like visiting the Eiffel Tower by night, and off course enjoying the French cuisine. If you have plans to visit Paris soon, also consider other things than the touristic ‘hot-spots’: we actually preferred the small museum of Dalí to the overwhelming big Louvre and likewise enjoyed “Le Buron”, a typical French bistro far away from the touristic crowd, more than our dinner in Latin Quarter.

Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands)


I’d always thought that the Canary Islands are for wealthy tourists who spend their money lying on the beach and partying. So it didn’t have my interest at all untill my parents’ best friends  – who I sincerely admire for their adventerous lifestyle (e.g. living and working in Mongolia for a year, long-distance biking in the US etc) –  told me that Tenerife is perfect for hiking. My nerdy habit to immediately research new possible destinations taught me that you can cross the Canary Islands by foot following an existing long-distance trail (Gr131). Although tempting, we decided to go for day hikes and have a bit more luxory by renting an appartment and car. Driving there was an adventure on its own: imagine the small streets of Santa Cruz and all the herping bends in the mountain roads…

Laussanne, Switzerland

A short work visit, but it included a walk near Montreux. Walking during office hours (who can do that?!), and having a great view at Lake Geneva and the Alps…

20150413_160316 - bewerkt.jpg

Scotland: Edinburgh & Cairngorms

Again for work, I travelled to the Scottish capital to attend a scientific congress. Meanwhile, I fell in love with this city: ooh Edinburgh, when can I see you again? You’re so beautiful and so closeby the Scottish Caringorms where I enjoyed my first (!) solo hiking adventure.


Iceland: the famous Laugavegur trail

Oh my, this was a trip Aaron and I dreamed about for quite a while. The landscapes of the Laugavegur and Skogar trail were beyond imagination: it was like walking in a fairy tail.

Terschelling, one of the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands

Every fall, my parents spend a week on Terschelling, a Dutch island that brings back many childhood memories. The past two years, I visited them for a weekend and still enjoy the cranberries – a rarity in the Netherlands that we used to pick as children, the smell of the Wadden Sea, and walking or running at the beach.


My first micro-adventure in my flat home-country


Zeeland: it’s super flat (like the rest of the Netherlands) but it has beaches and dunes that I love, and moreover: one my college friends now lives here, so I decided to combine a housewarming outing with the outdoors: micro-adventures are the solution for combining ‘normal’ life with adventure.

How was your travel year and what about 2016?  Time to make new plans and dream about big adventures

Lots of travel hugs and best wishes for a great adventure year,


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