The hiking virus

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If I tell my colleagues that I got my nice tanned skin from bathing in a natural hot spring in Iceland after having walked through rain, snow, and rivers, they look a bit lost, not knowing what to say about my idea of having a proper summer vacation. I even surprised myself this summer, as I’d never expected that I could enjoy a 20km walk in almost continuous rain. I did not only perceive it as a good preparation for heavier adventures in the future, but I actually still enjoyed the hiking.

After our trip, I had muscle aches throughout my body. For a “normal” person, this would probably be a sign of never doing this again and having a beach holiday next year. For me, the muscle aches tell me that I have to exercise more to be better prepared next time. Of course, there was a moment – as in every hiking trip I make – that I thought: “What on earth am I doing here? I’m cold, I’m tired, I’m dirty, and I have to eat shitty food and sleep in a tent”. I started thinking of our weekend in Paris this year, where we stayed in a nice hotel and had dinner in all those amazing restaurants… Luckily enough, these moments never last long and now I’m back home again, I can only think of going again.

Am I infected by the hiking virus? Definitely. Are you?

Let’s do the checklist. Yes=1 point, no=0 points. You can get a final score between 0 (not infected at all) to 10 (join me, we’re lost causes).

1. Crossing a river, that sounds fun.


As an experiment, I walked this trail on trailrunners instead of waterproof mountain boots. I did the river crossing with my non-waterproof trailrunners wearing merino-woolen socks.

2. You’re interested in why I did this on trainrunners/my experience on trainrunners. If you already know a lot about the “trailrunner vs mountain boot discussion”, you’re interested in other gear discussions.


3. If you’re really good, you can tell from this picture that we’re sleeping in a Hilleberg Nallo 2GT. But you can still earn a point if you’ve heard from the brand Hilleberg and know what kind of tents they make.

4. Now we’re talking tents, the idea of sleeping in a tent does appeal you. It’s cozy and fun, and it’s amazing to wake up in the middle of nowhere being surrounded by beautiful nature…


5. Before I forget it 😉 , you love being outdoors.


6. You’re perfectly fine with crossing some snow fields in summer. Actually, you get crazy about it: this is really cool!


7. You don’t think that food out of these packages is rubbish, you actually appreciate these dinners after a long day of walking. Not being able to resupply food in every town usually means that you’re “into the wild”, or at least far enough from towns and that’s a good thing! It’s worth carrying the extra weight of food. For those who agree; my personal favorite meal from adventurefood is the goulash by the way and I’m curious about your favorites from other brands.

8. You think of how you could save weight for your backpack. Taking only three pairs of socks and underwear doesn’t sound strange to you. Making spreadsheets in excel of your gear list and weighing every item before it goes into your pack sounds useful for you.


9. If you see pictures like this one above, you can’t wait to pack your stuff and go to the mountains yourself.

10. If I’ll tell you that I’ll update a page about our hiking adventure in Iceland soon, you’ll visit my blog again (you can also click on the bottom at right that says “follow via email” to get a notification if I post another blog).

The Score

I’m very interested in your score. You can leave it in a comment if you dare 😉

Do you have a very low score? Perhaps, a city trip or beach holiday is a better idea for you!

Do you score somewhere in the middle? Get some inspiration for starting your own hiking adventure to get infected by this awesome virus. It might be wise to start with some small-scale adventures. You can read my ideas for some great, but short and inexpensive trips here and here. Before you know it, you don’t want anything else!

Do you have a very high score? Congrats, you’re definitely infected by the hiking virus. Come along, and follow my adventures (a very big one is in the making….)


Fancy more pictures from our hiking trip in Iceland?  You can see them here


12 thoughts on “The hiking virus

    • Liz says:

      oh I definitely admire the pros like you who sleep under a tarp 😉 A tarp would be a great way to save even more weight, for now we choose the hilleberg which feels quite comfy, but maybe in the future… I’ll let you know when we become pro 😉


  1. Tom Coen says:

    0/0…. Ow, I’ve forgot the 1.. 10/10.. Just the spreadsheets I don’t. I pack my backpack, after a trip I ask myself, did I used this or could it be usefull. If the answer is no, next time I leave it out my backpack. I can imagine, that I am carrying an to heavy load, but I am getting there..


    • Liz says:

      that’s a good one too! evaluating your gear list after every trip will probably reduce some unnecessary weight. I try to do this too 🙂


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